Mom is Lulu - day to day!
Healing vibe that makes mommy's hum and child's laughter,
Premium infant brand is HealingVeat.

Parents start with a love for their child, but they are not finished until after a lot of trouble for the child.
A company that replaces your worries as a parent so that you can focus on love only.
We are a HealingVeat trying to make Mum call out Rullula hum.
We will take care of all your worries for a bright smile to share with your child.

I will be a company that completes a piece of a masterpiece, a parent, a HealingVeat.





01ㅣ"mamaroo skov zero stroller" launch
        mamaroo  products are completed contract of E-LAND mall


12ㅣCertification of Venture Companies
        Selection of 2018 Seoul Award (mamaroo runda high chair)
        Award for excellence in 2018  Gyeongbuk Start-up competition
11ㅣ"mamaroo runda highchair" Exported by LALABABY INTERNATIONAL-Taiwan(3600$) / Additional Order Agreement
10ㅣParticipation in 2018 HONGKONG MEGA SHOW
        Patent registration of sound vibration technology a sense of the body (No.10-1915077)
09ㅣ"mamaroo runda highchair" indirect export to Malaysia(3600$)
07ㅣ"mamaroo runda highchair" Exported by TLO Corporation-Singapore(3600$)
06ㅣSelection of a promising export small businesses (Gyeongbuk Technopark)

05ㅣParticipation in 2018 VIPREMIUM(VIETNAM)

02ㅣ"mamaroo runda highchair" Exported by Kiz mio Corporation-Japan(3600$)


12ㅣ"mamaroo skov zero stroller" Launch
11ㅣSuccessful clinical trials on the effects of body vibration technology on the mind and body of infants with car seats (Daegu catholic university)
09ㅣDesign patent registration of a moving baby high chair handle (NO.30-0925239)
07ㅣTransfer to the head office of GYEONGBUK TECHNOPARK Global Venture Dept.
06ㅣ"mamaroo cotton gauze balnket" Launch
05ㅣ2017 IRIPC IP Nare project _Project to promote startups based on intellectual property-(Preparation of technical patent map_ sound vibration technology a sense of the body )
04ㅣSelection of a new intellectual of world
        Selection of 2017 Gyeongsangbuk-do CEO
03ㅣ"mamaroo runda highchair"  product is completed contract of e-mart
02ㅣ"mamaroo runda highchair" Launch
        "mamaroo mermaid blanket" Launch
        ISO 9001:2015 Certification
01ㅣBrand "mamaroo" Launch


12ㅣSelection of   K-Global   300  (Ministry of Science and ICT)
11Industry-Academia Collaboration National Technology Development Project (Development of an infant car seat with sound vibration technology a sense of the body )
08ㅣPatent application of a vibration belt(NO.10-2016-0106844)

07ㅣSelection of Youth CEO in Gyeongsan City

06ㅣEstablishment of HealingVeat Co.,LTD. Corporation


ⓒ 2019 HealingVeat

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